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Who could file a lawsuit against your business?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Business Litigation |

Understanding risk is crucial as a business owner. One of the biggest risks is that someone takes you to court.

You might think that provided you give good customer service, it will never happen. Yet litigation can come about for so many reasons, and it could be brought by many different people.

Here are some you need to watch out fort:

Your employees

Employee lawsuits can be some of the most damaging of all, as they can destroy morale among the rest of the staff. You may find employees who had nothing to do with the original incident turning against you if they believe the accusations. It could also make it harder to recruit new staff.

Your suppliers

Surely it is them that might let you down rather than the other way around? Yes, but that does not mean they won’t ever have the motive to take you to court. Problems can arise if one of you wants to end the agreement early and the other party does not. Or if you pay late or no longer require the original quantity of goods you ordered.

Other businesses

Maybe they believe you stole their intellectual property or claim you slandered them in public. If they feel you have hurt their business, they may be aggressive in protecting it.

Government authorities

You need to abide by a whole array of rules and regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Having legal help to ensure you keep abreast of all laws you must comply with is wise, as is getting it if someone threatens to take your business to court, whatever the reason.