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Experienced Litigators Serving The Cannabis Industry In Sacramento

The cannabis industry in California is highly regulated at the federal and state levels. Violations are costly and could result in distributors losing their license. With this in mind, those involved in the cannabis industry require the best guidance and legal representation from attorneys who understand this area of law.

At the Evers Law Group, we are committed to assisting all our corporate clients, including those in the cannabis industry. Our team is experienced in assisting cannabis businesses with all manner of litigation matters. Our attorneys understand that these cases involve more than monetary risk; they also involve reputational harm due to accusations of violations. This is why are committed to our tactful handling of these cases.

Our Team Dedicated To Assisting Our Clients

The cannabis business requires the same sort of representation as any other industry. The services that we routinely provide include:

  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Licensing and license revocation issues
  • Employment and wage and hour disputes
  • Zoning issues
  • Contract negotiation and litigation
  • Representation at trial and administrative hearings

Our clients choose to work with us because we have earned our reputation as a firm with lawyers who work hard to achieve our client’s goals. The lawyers at Evers Law Group never hand off your representation to junior associates. We provide you with the personal representation you deserve. Our approach is one of the reasons that we have become a greatly respected firm in the Sacramento area.

Our Approach To Litigation Defense

We understand that keeping your company operating smoothly is critical to the success of your business, so our attorneys put their 30 combined years of experience litigating complex cases on your side to help you continue business as usual. As we are a defense firm, our lawyers do not spend their time investigating and collecting evidence; instead, they concentrate on fortifying each client’s defense and dismantling the plaintiff’s arguments.

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If you are looking for assistance with your cannabis business or are facing prospective litigation, then call our firm at 916-900-1349 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation with us today.