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Photo of Sr. Litigation Paralegal Kelly M. Evers
Kelly M. Evers

Kelly M. Evers

Sr. Litigation Paralegal

Location: Sacramento, California

Phone: 916-900-1349

Fax: 916-720-0332


Kelly Mills Evers is a senior litigation paralegal with more than 30 years of experience and she is well-versed in all aspects of civil litigation. She is well known for her strong work ethic and goes the extra mile to get the task at hand completed efficiently and economically for clients.  She specializes in complex business litigation, investment loss claims, embezzlement and theft claims, and the preparation and calculation of intricate damage claims. Kelly works with our lawyers’ preparing clients for deposition and trial testimony, and packaging cases for hearing.

Her experience as a former Series 7 licensed financial adviser with Morgan Stanley provides her with a unique skill set, allowing her to address multifaceted complex damage claims.

Kelly has litigated hundreds of securities and banking matters before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), including state and federal courts, on claims brought against broker-dealers and financial advisers. These claims typically allege fraud, RICO violations, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and omissions and misrepresentations. She also has extensive experience in employee theft and embezzlement claims. Kelly is fluent in the Code of Civil Procedure, and she efficiently guides clients through the maze of discovery issues.

Kelly is also active in her community. She volunteers her time and fundraises for campaigns and non-profits. She also donates time and resources to local charities including the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.